The goal of our adult bible study ministry is to provide an environment that enables and encourages believers to grow and develop into mature followers of Jesus Christ.  Currently we are going through The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project for Adults takes the story of Jesus — the gospel — the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and points to the one story that infuses Scripture from cover to cover — God’s redemptive plan to rescue us from sin and death. Because the entire Bible points to Jesus, it is important to examine the theology and mission within the text, as all of it is an important part of understanding the awesome depth and power of the gospel.

We have several different adult Bible Fellowship classes that utilize various approaches to teaching the truth of God’s Word.  Whether you are new believer or someone who has been studying the Bible for years, we have a place for you to grow from right where you are. Each of our classes meet at 9:30 every Sunday morning.