Davis Boulevard Baptist Church is a community of Christian believers dedicated to the worship and service of our Savior.  Our ongoing mission is simple and threefold.  We are here to love Christ, grow in our relationship with Him, and serve those around us.


A significant part of loving Christ involves the practice of worship.  We do this through singing, prayer, and financial giving in our morning services.  However, worship is more than an event or mere ritual.  We believe that worship should extend into the Christian’s everyday life.  From work to family, we strive to worship God by recognizing his presence in all circumstances and by aiming for excellence in all of our activities.  Worship is a lifestyle that defines how we view the world around us.


In our effort to love God and worship him, we want to know him better.  We believe the Scriptures should be preached accurately and practically from the pulpit.  We also grow in our understanding of Him through our Bible Study Classes, meeting every Sunday morning.  These classes provide a place for Christians to interact with biblical principles in a safe and loving environment.

Growing spiritually also involves developing a Christ-centered community.  We believe that church is more than something we do; it is who we are.  For this reason, we strive to encourage each other through prayer and accountability.  This is more than a place to attend.  It is a place to call home.


We demonstrate our love for God by serving those around us.  Like worship, service is a lifestyle.  We cultivate this lifestyle through partnerships with local and international relief organizations and through various internal ministries.  This includes providing for those in our community to the best of our ability.  It also involves caring for the spiritual needs of those around us.

We invite you to be a part of our community!